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Afghan Aleman: Was bringt eine Demo?

Shamim Mirzei  hatte ein Interessantes Gespräch mit Nemat Sultani über die momentane Lage in Afghanistan, was der Westen wirklich in Afghanistan möchte und ob eine Demonstration etwas bringt. 




Torres - Thirstier

Torres im Interview mit Eva


Die US-amerikanische Singer-Songwriterin Mackenzie Ruth Scott, die ihre Musik unter dem Künstlernamen Torres veröffentlicht, stellt 2021 ihr neues, fünftes Album vor. »Thirstier« erscheint nur ein Jahr...

Anhören · 29:35 Playlist

#8 From Robeson to Turner

The OG Philly Cat aka Sir Reggie takes us 'back in time' in this episode of Voyage To Gandahar. You know he's been 'diggin' in the crates' (shout out to Diamond D) and dusting off classics by Paul Robeson, Audrey Hepburn, Sarah Vaughan...

Dub Kali Rootz "Don't just Sit there Say Something!"

The Bug has announced a new album so we'll be taking on some of the players tonight on Dub kali Rootz! Long time we no have no nice time so now raw and rowdy and ever dubby. From Bim Sherman to FFSYTHO and Shanique Marie to Moor Mother! Tune Eeen!

Voyage to Gandahar #7: It's All About The Benjamins

Welcome back, Hiphoppas! Today, it's all about the Benjamins!  Luchini. Cream. Dough. Cheese. Bread. Benjamins. These are all  synonyms for "money" in slang. Why is money so important in Hip Hop Culture? Artists like Kanye West, Camp Lo, The...

Dub Kali Rootz "Jump Blues and Jamaican Sound System Classics Pt.2"

Tonight on Dub Kali Rootz more of the hit tunes played on the original Jamaican sound systems. Jump Blues classics that shook America in the 50's and 60's and rolled over the airwaves and across the seas to Jamaica, inspiring a Soundsystem culture that would forever change the history of Jamaican music.This is the swank and skank lifting you off into the midnight hour. Tune Eeen!